Laser Treatment relieves chronic hip pain
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Dear Dr. Rappe,

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to you and your superb staff. The excellent care I received along with the laser treatments healed my chronic hip pain.

Two years of acute pain in the outer hip area impacted my life in many ways. The tender pain limited my mobility. For example, fearing to move my leg in certain positions or lay down on the hip, I shoes not to move. I stayed away from activities that required the use of the hip. Also, I tried many self-help remedies to alleviate the pain; however, none seemed to work. Yoga stretches dampened the soreness but the tenderness always returned the next day. Muscle strengthening exercises failed to lessen the pain. Aspirin offered only temporary relief. Terrified of living the rest of my life in pain or resorting to medication and surgery, the laser treatment at your office solved my health problems.

As an active 38 year old, I embraced the laser treatment with open arms, even though a bit of skepticism lingered in the back of my mind. I was eager to try anything before surgery or pain medication. After 5 treatments, the hip area abated. My confidence in the laser treatment increased. Ten treatments later, the hip pain evaporated. It is wonderful to wake up in the morning and not feel pain. It is stupendous to not fear moving in certain ways thinking that it will trigger some awful, throbbing pain.

Thanks to the laser treatment, I am 99.9% better.

- Peter Mattson