Bowler finds relief from wrist and elbow pain
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I work several hours a day on a computer as a designer, and have been bowling once a week in a local league for the past two years. About a year ago I began to notice a throbbing pain in my wrist that would start while I was bowling and last for at least two days afterward. I ignored it at first, but after a few months I found the pain had spread to my elbow and would last longer and longer, until I was barely feeling better before it was time to bowl again. I bought a wrist brace, but this did not help. I went to see Dr. Rappe who treated my wrist and elbow with his Super Laser. I began to feel better after a couple of treatments, and by the time I completed the entire program, without stopping either my work or my bowling, I was 100% pain free. I continue to work and bowl at least once a week, without any pain.

Thank you Dr. Rappe.

- Mauricio Salazar, 36, La Quinta, Ca