At Rappe Chiropractic we pride ourselves on the care and attention we give to our patients. We believe the superior service we offer, along with the extensive training and certifications we have earned and the state of the art technology and equipment we employ, all combine to give our patients the best possible results.

Please read some of our patients’ success stories by clicking on the titles below:

Whiplash victim finds 100% relief from pain

Laser Treatment relieves chronic hip pain

Bowler finds relief from wrist and elbow pain

Lower back pain eliminated

Laser Treatment heals laceration

Laser Treatment relieves neck and shoulder pain

Spinal Decompression and High Power Laser together heal severe disc injury in teen

Spinal Decompression and Chiropractic Care eliminate pain from bulging disc

Extreme back pain from multiple disc problems eliminated by spinal decompression and High Power Laser Therapy together

Patients appreciate the care and attention they receive at Rappe Chiropractic, Inc.

High Power Laser ends 20 years of back pain

Pain and swelling from broken ankle eliminated by Laser Therapy

Post surgical patient finds pain relief through High Power Laser