Our goal: Help you lose weight and KEEP IT OFF!

Weight gain steals your energy, your vitality and often, your self-esteem. But even worse, it puts you at risk for life threatening conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and hypertension.

Have YOU been diagnosed with?
• Type 2 Diabetes?
• High Blood Pressure?
• High Cholesterol?
• Acid Reflux?

Research has shown that losing just 10% of your body weight can have big payoffs for your health. It's not just about what you see in the mirror.

Why do YOU want to lose weight?
• Reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure
• Become physically active again
• Reduce back or knee pain
• Sleep well
• Look better
• Be a good example for your family

Whatever your motivation, we can help you achieve your goal. Whether you need to maintain your current weight, lose 5 pounds or 100 pounds, our program will work for you!

What does the program provide?
• FDA approved meal replacements
• Personalized Meal plans
• Recipes
• Support
• Exercise/Activity information
• Progress tracking for computer and smartphone
• Unlimited access to our online system of information and advisors

We offer the right combination of information, products, and support to promote and maintain optimal health in all aspects of your life. We help you lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF. Let us help YOU reach your weight loss goals!

"I lost 38 lbs. and am no longer a Type 2 Diabetic! Thank you Dr. Rappe!" - Arlene H.